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Subconscious Learning Systems

Language Learning Acceleration Tools

Dramatically increase your learning speed, and reduce frustration. This system utilizes multiple tools to create powerful results. You don't need to pay attention to the CD, you can listen to it anywhere or anytime, even while you watch TV. This isn't subliminal learning, or other sub-audible system, instead it is a system that simply programs your subconscious mind while you do other things.

Ever wanted to learn a new language, but put it off because you "don't have time"? If you have time to listen to music, you have time to learn, and with these powerful tapes, you will multiply your effectiveness. Just turn it on, turn it down, and go about your day. You can listen to it with headphones or without. You can listen to it while you work, play or sleep.

Our System Uses: Languages  
• Left Brain/Right Brain Panning
• Brainwave Synchronization
• Subtle relaxing rhythm
• Running water/wind and other relaxing organic sounds
• Melody programming
• Repetition
• Time delay
• Chinese
• Japanese
• Spanish
• English
• Portuguese
• Indian
Most Common English Words
Left Brain Right Brain

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